Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Chickens in a Truck on the Mantel

 Good morning! I changed up the mantel this morning .. It was time to get rid of the bunnies and chickens have taken over ...along with a cat ..that thinks he should be in all the pictures .
 And we all know that that's Ronnie's job :) he even has the head tilt going .. Must be studying Ronnie's pictures ..
 anyway ..I loaded up the truck with a bunch of Chelsea's chickens ...wrapped it in a daisy garland ..and a new chalkboard is up!
 I added some black floral ribbon to the lanterns...some black gingham ribbon to the chicken wire, daisies and pink blossoms mason jars , a basket of eggs and some vintage chickens were also added ..

 a little chalkboard hanging from the vintage fence piece .. and thanks so much for stopping by!
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Justine said...

That's gorgeous Priscilla, your home is beautiful. As for the meanest cat in America, he's pretty handsome too.

gmp said...

Love your mantel re-do! It looks beautiful & springy!!

Kim Ezman said...

your mantel is Beautiful. Love the new chalk board. Calvin really does like you!

Kathleen George said...

A pretty Spring mantel, love the daisy and cotton garlands. Ronnie knows who is the top dog in the house:).
Kathleen in Az

Lynne vixxen said...

Your artwork is adorable, do you paint?

Barb said...

That mantel looks terrific. The chalk design is really wonderful.

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Humaun Kabir said...

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shirley flavell said...

Love your redo of your mantel and the chalkboard.I doubt that Calvin will ever leave your home now.He's looking more settled in his features:))